January 2007 -                       Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Geophysics

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.


May 2006 - December 2006   Consultant

ARUP, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Concept design of 10 mixed-use 600ft-1200ft towers in San Francisco.                Architect:  Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

OSHPD review of 6-story hospital in Temecula, California.                                 Architect: HKS, Dallas.


June 1997 - December 1999   Project Engineer

Ove Arup & Partners, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Lead structural engineer (analysis and design) in the following projects:

Tzu-Chi Hall of Still Thought, 1999: 100% schematic design of a lotus-shaped Buddhist monument with a 1000-yr life-span to be located in Taichung, Taiwan (Seismic Zone 4).  The site is very close to the epicenter of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake.  The proposed scheme makes use of friction pendulum base isolators to isolate the entire hall from the ground.  Architect:  NBBJ, Seattle

Telecommunications Central Office Building, University of California, Davis, 1999: Seismic assessment using FEMA 273 procedures and pushover analysis of this critical facility.  Proposed sample retrofit strategies to improve structural performance.                                                Architect:  Ripley

Mitac Inc., Headquarters, 1999: Analysis, design and detailing of a 10-story irregular reinforced concrete tower located in Taipei, Taiwan.       Architect:  Kris Yao

Taiwan Cement Office Building Canopy, 1998: Analysis, design and detailing of a unique long-span cable-stayed canopy supported by a single mast and 4 cables, Taipei, Taiwan.

Ban Chiao Wind Study, 1998: Objective of the study was the control of building accelerations due to wind for a multiple 42-story building complex to be located in Ban Chiao, Taiwan.

Lite-On Headquarters, 1998:  Analysis and design of 23-story building in Taipei (Seismic Zone 4), Taiwan.                                                 Architect: Artech

Seismic Evaluation of Administration Building, San Bernardino Valley College, 1997: Nonlinear time-history analyses of existing 2-story reinforced concrete shear wall building straddling the San Jacinto fault using LS-DYNA3D program.  Report submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Team structural engineer (analysis and design) in the following projects:

Kookmin Bank, 1998: Analysis, design and detailing of 8-story basement structure underneath a 40-story office tower, Seoul, South Korea.

Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewer Stadium, 1997: Analysis, design and detailing of four 7-span track beams spanning 150 feet between towers to support the retractable roof for the Milwaukee Brewer baseball stadium.  Analysis, design and detailing of the outfield buildings and the foundation.  Construction administration of the foundations and the track beams.  Architect:  NBBJ, Los Angeles.

Taichung Government and City Council Buildings, 1997:  Analysis and schematic design of two 14-story office buildings, Taichung, Taiwan.

49ers Stadium, 1997: Schematic design of the 49ers football stadium to be located in San Francisco.                                                            Architect:  NBBJ, Los Angeles.


March 1996 - May 1997   Project Engineer (Project Lead - Structural)

Wong Hobach Lau, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Kota-Kasablanka, 1996-1997: Static and dynamic, wind and seismic analysis, design and detailing of three 35-story towers (two residential and one office) including foundations and preparation of contract documents for the towers, Jakarta (Seismic Zone 4), Indonesia.                          Architect:  RTKL Associates, Los Angeles

Sheraton Jakarta, 1996: Static and dynamic, wind and seismic analysis of 60-story mixed-use (hotel/residential) tower, Jakarta (Seismic Zone 4), Indonesia.                                                                                 Architect:  Pei Cobb Freed, New York


October 1994 - February 1996   Project Engineer

Kulkarni Consultants, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Harrah's Rivergate Casino, 1994-1995: World's largest land-based casino at the time of its construction, located on the site of an existing convention center.  Task involved transfer of super-structure loads to existing piles.

Jefferson Baseball Park, 1995: Wind analysis of baseball stadium lateral system.

Glory of Bengal, Aquarium/Exhibition Center, 1995-1996:  Analysis, design and detailing of partially submerged aquarium building, Calcutta, India.

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