I  am a Structural Engineer and a former Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering (Division of Engineering and Applied Science) and Geophysics (Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences) at Caltech.  My research interests include earthquake engineering, computational mechanics, structural dynamics, and computational seismology.  My research group has worked on various aspects of rupture-to-rafters simulations of earthquakes and building response using high-performance computing.


Current and Former Collaborators:

ARUP Los Angeles (Atila Zekioglu, Murat Melek, and Aysegul Gogus), ARUP

Prof. James L. Beck, Caltech

Dr. Harsha Bhat, IPGP, France

Dr. Rob Graves, US Geological Survey, Pasadena

Prof. John F. Hall, Caltech

Prof. Thomas H. Heaton, Caltech

Dr. Ken Hudnut, US Geological Survey, Pasadena

Prof. Chen Ji, University of California, Santa Barbara

Prof. Hiroo Kanamori, Caltech

Dr. Monica Kohler, Caltech

Prof. Dimitri Komatitsch, CNRS/University of Aix-Marseille, France

Phil Maechling, University of Southern California

Prof. Judith Mitrani-Reiser, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Morgan Page, US Geological Survey, Pasadena

Prof. Keith Porter, University of Colorado, Boulder

Prof. Ares Rosakis, Caltech

Dr. Marco Stupazzini, Technical University of Milan

Prof. Jeroen Tromp, Princeton University


Software links:

SPECFEM3D:  A parallel program executable on a computer cluster, based on the Spectral Element Method. It can simulate an earthquake and model the propagation of seismic waves through the earth structure to distant locations and compute the ground motion time-histories at user-defined stations.

FRAME3D:  A nonlinear structural analysis program for damage analysis of buildings.

More about me:

I got my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Caltech under the guidance of Dr. John F. Hall (Professor of Civil Engineering) who is an expert in computational mechanics and earthquake engineering.  My Ph.D. Thesis was on the behavior of tall buildings during strong earthquakes from nearby sources.  I  developed a three-dimensional nonlinear dynamic structural analysis program, FRAME3D, for this study.  I continue to upgrade the program at this time.  You can find detailed information about the program along with references at the following web-site: http://www.frame3d.caltech.edu. I have a Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (Senior thesis advisor: Dr. V. Kalyanaraman, Professor (Retired) and Former Dean IC & SR, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India) and a Master's degree from Rice University (Thesis advisor: Dr. Joel P. Conte, Professor, University of California, San Diego))